So you think you want to Blog?


What is a Blog?

by Internet Concepts Unlimited

What is a Blog? Quite simply a blog is online pages of written material or log of events, information, opinions or just about anything anyone wants to write about, in a simple easy to read format. Our Blog can be found here.


Why should I use a Blog?

by Internet Concepts Unlimited

The point of using a Blog would be to keep friends, family, website visitors, clients, customers, business associates or anyone for that matter informed, or you can simply write stories or opinions on your favorite subject. The sky is the limit with blogs as most Internet Portals such as Google or Yahoo offer blog's for free, it's just a matter of signing up for an account. Our Blog can be found here.


How can I benefit from Blogging?

by Internet Concepts Unlimited

Can I benefit from blogging? yes, think of it as your own publisher for the world to see (or not, there are options to allow only certain people from viewing what you write) however it's best from a marketing standpoint to let the world see your blog's, it will help your website get more exposure from links, so be sure to blog and link to the blog from your website. Our Blog can be found here.

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TWITTER IS IN! Twitter for those of you who are not familiar is basically a one to two sentence blog, that's right, just a way of getting the word out. Think of texting on your cell phone. With Twitter 40 words or less is all you are permitted to write, you can do that 1 million times but this is what Twitter calls a tweet. Think of it as a quick Twirp for you bird lovers out there. Click here for more Cool Stuff