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What's the story when it comes to the Search Engines, is Google really the leader of the pack? Should one consider other Search Engines such as msn to be listed in? How do you get your listing to the top spot? What about those company's that offer to submit your Website into thousands of Search Engines for penny's, do they work? What about directory's such as Alexa? Click the button below to learn the in's and out's of Internet Search Engines and Directories when it comes to getting your Website listed online.

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Website Marketing has come a long way in the past few years as most businesses have realized it would be disadvantageous for them to have a business on main street without duplicating that business on the web. The problem most face is not getting built or hosted online, it is getting their business noticed online. When it comes to the internet, just because you build a Website does not automatically mean people will come to it. The competition online is enormous and continues to grow. Learn how to stand out on the Web, What are the best Marketing techniques, visit Easy Website Marketing to learn more.


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Multi Media on the Web, did you know that those advertising video clips that you come across online are the same as commercials you view on your tv set? Yes the technology on the web has grown significantly since the days of animated banner ads. Flash would be the leader of the pack in producing online Multi Media Commercials or as we put it Intermercials, however you don't need to be a techie to produce your own Multi Media Advertisements these days, you simply need to have the right software, some of which you can get for free. Learn more about how to create your own Multi Media Commercials for free on the web by the Multi Media Section of our Website.