Google comes in first

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Statistics show that Google receives roughly 80% of searches done online, leaving Yahoo, MSN and Alta Vista in the dust. Learn more about the relevancy of keeping up with the search engines, all members get free access to a library of valid information regarding search engines and marketing on the web.



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Directory Listings

Directory Listings and the Web

Directory's on the net are just that, they are not the same as search engines. Directory's list your site as a relevant entity within a relative categories. It is very important to be certain to get your site into these directory's, all that is needed is time as all directory's are free and are usually handled by people rather then computers. Entry's are manually added to insure relevancy , the directory's especially DMOZ are always looking for people to volunteer in the listing process. Internet Concepts Unlimited offers a ton of Free information to all members of our community, click on more info button to see how.